Clean Up your PC under 10 minutes. [Updated with Video]

clean up your pc

According to the security firm Panda Labs, 32% of windows computers are infected with Malware. Here is how you can scan and clean your windows machine under 10 minutes for completely free.

1. Clean and Optimize your computer with CCleaner. Removing all the junk and temporary files before Your Malware Scan can save you a lot of time.



2. Preform a scan with your Favorite Antivirus Application, If you don’t have any Antivirus applications installed, Microsoft Security Essential is a great way to get basic Malware protection for free.


Microsoft Security Essential Scan

3. Use Malwarebytes to dig deeper and find what your Antivirus Application may have missed. You need to uncheck “Enable free trial of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO” if you only want to use the free scanner. Preform a “Quick Scan”, when scan is completed click “Show Result” and “Remove Selected” infections. If you end up with a lot of infected files, you should go for the “Full Scan” which will take a little longer.


Malwarebyte Trial

Malwarebyte Scan

Most of the times the combination of these tools will help you cleanup your computer, some extreme cases may require a lot more work. has a lot of great removal guides, even for the craziest infections.

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