• Business IT Solutions And
    Relationships That Last


Welcome to iFeeltech, the number one IT Service provider in Miami.

Our success is directly attributed to the exceptional level of professionalism our dedicated team of experts provides to local Miami small business. We’re also quite proud of our enthusiastic group of clients on our portfolio. It is the trust and loyalty we have from our customers that enable us to execute both short term and long term support to their businesses.

We cater our services to improve the operation of start-ups and small businesses of all sorts. Regardless if a company works on Windows, Linux, or Macintosh, our quality of service is the same. iFeeltech offers consultation services, network and cloud system installation, configuration, maintenance, data protection, and more. We always provide our services at an affordable cost, and we’re dedicated to the financial future of your small business.

Our Philosophy

We believe that small businesses are the backbone of the modern economy, and local communities. That’s why we offer the most current and stable IT solutions, allowing the companies we work with to operate in optimal conditions. The services we provide are intended to significantly reduce the cost of running your business while simultaneously fostering opportunity for yielding maximum ROI.

We Teach Self-Reliance

Our core principle is to equip our clients, business owners, and their staff with the basic knowledge and tools necessary to make the most use out of the technology we supply. This self-reliance can reduce the maintenance costs of systems up to 80 percent. Through instructing the basics of self-reliance, our clients are empowered to stand for themselves.

Free Consultation Services

While other IT firms charge dearly for tech support on a few small issues, at iFeeltech we’ll do it free of charge— no strings attached. It’s our belief that small business needs to incur minimal expenses to gain financial strength, and that’s why we avoid exploring our clients by

demanding unnecessary charges. Please feel free to fill in submit a consultation form to us at any time and for returning customers, our phone line and email support is available 24/7.

  • Mutual Understanding

    At iFeeltech we know how important it is to understand how your business operates. We work to fit your specific and unique needs.

  • Seamless Transition

    We’re aware that new operation methods can seem intimidating, and we take every action to ensure an easy and frictionless move to new technologies.

  • Mapping Your Success

    We provide our clients with all the information needed to track their Return on Investment. We’re happy to help our customers see the benefit and added piece of mind our services bring.