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8 Essential Cyber Security Tips For Small Businesses in 2021

Cybersecurity is vital for small businesses. Protecting your data and your customers will keep you competitive and help your business grow. Information technology, such as Wi-Fi access points and broadband connections, is indispensable for companies of all sizes. However, the right security measures are crucial for small business owners with a tight budget, as cyber-attacks […]

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How to Keep Your Cloud-Based Data Safe in the Cloud to Protect Your Business

Cloud-based storage is an increasingly popular data storage option for big and small businesses that allows them to store data at a remote location. It is then accessible through an internet connection from anywhere. Many of the cloud storage providers offer unlimited storage, which allows businesses to keep most of their files on the cloud, […]

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How Cloud-based Services Can Help Streamline Your Small Business

The use of Cloud services, especially by small business, is expected to grow massively. Simply because it’s cost-effective and versatile, using cloud services can help companies to carry out their operations much more efficiently. But how exactly can the cloud help small businesses to streamline their processes? Outlined below are some of the advantages of […]