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Miami Business Internet Showdown 2022 – AT&T vs. Comcast vs. Atlantic Broadband

Originally Published on: Mar 12, 2016 Updated 12/21/2021: Comcast is busy expanding its Gig-speed network making Gigabit speed available to many new locations including Miami Beach. Atlantic Broadband is going strong with new high-speed offerings and low prices, but coverage is still a bit limited. AT&T came out with a couple of ambitious internet plans, […]

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How To Protect Your Home Office Against Ransomware With A Synology NAS

Using a Synology NAS, you can easily create a backup that protects you from the danger of ransomware and other cyber security threats. Ransomware has been damaging for years and, unsurprisingly, has been the most dangerous form of cyber threat. But, even if these kinds of viruses mainly target businesses, unfortunately, private users aren’t safe […]

Upgrade Time: Microsoft Releases Windows 11

Starting on October 5th, in addition to selling PCs pre-installed with Windows 11, a free upgrade from Windows 10 is finally available. Microsoft is giving special attention to the initial rollout; that’s why the upgrade is being introduced in phases, focusing on thoroughly tested hardware and software configurations. Updates are available for systems that have […]