Computer Support and Services: The iFeeltech Way

Are slow computers, outdated systems, and missing files frustrating your employees and costing you money? We want to help Miami and surrounding area small business owners like you make technology an asset instead of a liability. Let us create a custom technology solution that eliminates the headaches, saves you time, and fits your budget.

Computer Services

Tired of dealing with slow computers that waste your time? We’ll quickly identify the issue, make the necessary changes, and have your computers running faster than when you took them out of the box.

Cloud Solutions

Need a better way to access, share, or update important files when you’re not in the office? We provide custom designed cloud integration that will help you and your employees manage files at the click of a button no matter where you are!

Network Installation & Support

Your computer communication network is the hub of your business operations. We work behind the scenes to ensure your network is running smoothly so you can do what you do best – Run your business.

Data Protection & Recovery

Imagine losing hours of sleep and money over lost or stolen files. Small businesses lose thousands annually because of poor data security. We help protect your data assets by creating a custom security system that gives you and your customers peace of mind.

How We Work

Partnership – We believe that it’s important to spend time understanding your unique business goals and challenges, so we can help you make technology a strategic ally instead of a costly burden.

Specialization – We believe your small business is the backbone of the economy. That’s why we’ve decided to specialize in serving small businesses and startups. This means you don’t have to spend on unnecessary services and multiple user licenses that are intended for “big” businesses.

Reliability – We believe reliability is a fundamental component of any network or business partnership. That’s why we’re on call whenever you need us, so your business can continue to function when faced with unexpected events, natural disasters, and other tech crises.

Simplicity – We believe in supporting you with straightforward and easy to understand systems that you can manage without needing a huge IT department to explain how your system works.

Watch Why You Should Choose iFeeltech

Our 3 Step Process

Mutual Understanding

Understanding how your business works is a must. We want to know your unique needs and specific goals even before we decide to work together.

Seamless Transition

We help you avoid the headache of transitioning to new technology by coming up with a strategic plan that covers it all.

Mapping Success

Your return on investment is very important to us, so we provide tools and systems that help you calculate benefits quickly and easily.

See what other Miami business owners are saying about our IT Services.


“iFeltech took a non-computerized company, and fully integrated us over multiple locations flawlessly.”


Thank you iFeeltech for setting up a small business network in our Brickell office. They were great at not just giving us what we asked for, but also going above and beyond in helping us find and build a scheduling system that allows our customers to book their home cleaning appointments online. Top notch technicians with outstanding support. Highly recommended


“Bright ideas he explained with patience to a non IT oriented public, showing a great understanding of his clients needs and limits”


“Nador at iFeeltech is a complete professional and his experience and knowledge is very impressive. He is very reliable and always a gentleman.”

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Definitely! One of our goals is to keep your computers running as efficiently as you are, so we can fix existing problems and then will work to prevent new problems that could slow your computers back down, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

A: Then we can step in and get that new computer up and running and set up your new employee with the tools they need to work within your IT system. You don’t have to do anything but give us a call and let us know when to be there.

A: When you use our services, then it is our job to make sure that it is. We ensure that your server has the latest patches and service packs, and we will always let you know when updates are being made, so you don’t have to worry about it.

A: Yes! If it takes you an hour to find the file you need, that’s 59 minutes too long by our calculations. Our experts can step in and help you get everything organized so that your business can keep running smoothly and so that you’re not wasting any more time looking for information that you have.

A: Of course! There’s no need to call your service provider because we can help you with setup, connection, and management of smartphone accounts.

A: Don’t worry! We not only can troubleshoot apps like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, but we can also give training sessions to help keep your employees in the know about the newest version of Office.

A: That’s one of the biggest parts of our services is to make sure that your computers are meeting your business needs. If they aren’t, then we can help you get what you need at affordable prices. Then, we’ll come and install the computers and any programs that you need to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

A: We don’t sell any computers or other equipment. We are strictly an IT services company. The way we’re able to get you great deals on equipment is that we know all the vendors so that we can connect you directly to them. Connecting you to the right store that has the right part for the right part is simply one of the services we provide, and we don’t make any extra money off of it.

Yes. We have the expertise and capability to service, upgrade, and maintain all types of Cisco hardware and Cisco solutions.

Yes, we can supply Data and Voice Cabling services such as Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat7 wiring and wireless installations.