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We're not just camera installers – we understand how security fits into your overall technology needs.

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Client Focus: Get a security solution designed for your unique property, plus support that goes the extra mile.

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Best in Tech: We use reliable brands like Ubiquiti Unifi for long-lasting peace of mind.

Professional Security Camera Installation in Miami, FL

Miami is a vibrant city, but let's be real—safety and security are always a top priority. Whether you're a homeowner wanting peace of mind or a business owner protecting your assets, iFeeltech has you covered. We know that installing security cameras isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. That's why we offer expert installation designed to give you the best coverage for your needs.

Miami's Trusted Security Camera Experts

Security Solutions for Homes & Businesses

Whether you're looking for cutting-edge surveillance systems for your Miami business or reliable security cameras for your home, iFeeltech has the expertise to get the job done right. We serve clients throughout South Florida, including Miami Beach, Brickell, Coral Gables, Doral, Aventura, Brickell, and beyond.

Comprehensive Services to Fit Your Needs

We're not just about security camera installation. Our team is equipped to handle:

  • CCTV system installation: Advanced camera setups for commercial properties.
  • Access control systems: Manage who can access specific areas.
  • Smart home security: Integrated security that connects with your smart devices.
  • Remote monitoring services: Keep tabs on your property from anywhere.

Top-Tier Brands, Superior Quality

We understand that security is an investment. We partner with trusted brands like Ubiquiti Unifi, Hikvision, and Synology to deliver high-quality security cameras and surveillance systems. Our commitment to excellence ensures reliable performance and long-term peace of mind.

Let's Talk About Your Security Needs

We're committed to finding the perfect solution for your Miami security needs. Contact us today and let our security experts guide you through the process. Get your free estimate and discover the iFeeltech difference!

Why Choose iFeelTech?

Experience You Can Trust

We're iFeeltech IT Services, and we're not just about cameras! We specialize in providing Miami businesses with comprehensive technology solutions– from secure networks to cybersecurity. When it comes to security cameras, we see them as a vital piece of your overall IT puzzle.

Ubiquiti Unifi – Our Top Choice

Our go-to solution for reliable security is Ubiquiti Unifi. Their cameras integrate seamlessly with the Unifi ecosystem. So, you get not only a top-notch security system but also a streamlined setup that covers your network, phones, door access, and more. All are managed through one neat dashboard—it's the kind of simplicity tech-savvy folks like us appreciate!

Solutions Tailored to You

Every space is different, and so are your security needs. That's why we don't believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We'll work closely with you to understand your concerns, property layout, and budget. The result? A security camera system that ticks all your boxes.

Client Satisfaction: Our Top Priority

We're committed to making your installation a breeze. Expect clear communication from start to finish and support that doesn't end the moment we walk out the door.

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iFeeltech Services was great from beginning to end. They provided a cost effective, fully integrated Ubiquity UniFi/Protect household system on time and on budget. Nandor and his team provided practical solutions, were flexible and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost varies depending on factors like the number of cameras, their features (resolution, night vision, etc.), the complexity of your property, and the company you choose. At iFeeltech, we provide free consultations and transparent estimates so you'll know exactly what to expect.

While DIY installation is possible, professional installation offers several benefits. Our technicians have camera placement, network integration, and software setup expertise, maximizing your system's effectiveness and saving you time.

Security camera technology offers a wide range of options. Common types include:

  • Bullet cameras: Versatile, visible deterrent
  • Dome Cameras: Discreet, vandal-resistant
  • PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras: Allow for remote directional control
  • Wireless cameras: Flexible placement, but rely on Wi-Fi
  • Infrared/Night vision cameras: See in low-light conditions

We'll help you choose the right cameras for your needs.

Absolutely! We specialize in designing scalable security solutions for Miami businesses of all sizes. Our systems can include advanced features like analytics, access control integration, and remote monitoring tailored to your industry.

We believe in user-friendly security. Our team will guide you through using your system's app and ensure you understand how to access footage and manage settings.

Yes! We proudly serve Miami-Dade County and surrounding areas. Contact us to find out if we provide installation services in your specific location.

Our Security Camera Installation Process

It Starts with a Conversation

Before we touch a single cable, we want to hear from you. We'll schedule a free consultation to discuss your security goals, survey your property, and get a feel for the system you envision. This will help us design an effective plan that fits your budget.

Choosing the Right Gear

Cameras come in all shapes and sizes. Do you need crystal-clear 4K resolution for facial recognition, night vision to see in the dark, or motion detection to catch unexpected activity? We'll guide you through the options and help you find the perfect camera for the job.

Expert Installation

Our installer pays close attention to detail – think neat cable runs, secure camera mounts, and seamless equipment integration with your network. We treat your property respectfully and aim to minimize disruptions while working.

Setting Things Up

Once the hardware is in place, it's time for the software magic. We'll configure your system, set up access on your phone or computer, and help you figure out recording schedules that make sense.

You're in Control

We believe knowledge is power. That's why we don't just install and leave. We'll take the time to show you how to use your new security system, making sure you feel confident navigating the app, viewing footage, and getting the most out of your technology investment.

Deter Trouble Before It Starts

The mere sight of security cameras can often be enough to make a potential burglar think twice. Knowing your property is monitored acts as a powerful deterrent against crime.

Peace of Mind, Anytime

Whether at home, away at work, or traveling the world, a professional security system lets you keep an eye on things. That feeling of ‘everything's okay' is priceless, wouldn't you agree?

When Evidence Matters

Should an incident occur, having high-quality recordings can be crucial. Our systems are designed to capture clear footage to aid investigations and provide valuable evidence for law enforcement.

Check-In From Anywhere

Modern security cameras are about more than just catching bad guys. They let you remotely monitor your home or business at the touch of a button. You can check on the kids after school, monitor your employees, or simply make sure your furry friend isn't tearing up the couch!

Smart Insights for Businesses

For business owners, security cameras can do more than protect your assets. Some advanced systems offer analytics that tracks your store's customer behavior and traffic patterns. This data can help you make smarter product placement, staffing, and layout decisions.

Old School Security: CCTV Systems

CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) systems have been around for decades. They rely on analog cameras that transmit video signals over coaxial cables to a central DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for storage. While these were once the standard, technology has advanced significantly.

The Future is Here: IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras

IP cameras are the modern standard in security. They capture digital images and transmit them over your network (like your Wi-Fi or Ethernet). This offers several advantages over traditional CCTV:

  • Higher resolution: IP cameras often boast superior image quality, which is crucial for identifying details.
  • Flexibility: IP cameras can be placed nearly anywhere with network access, unlike CCTV, which relies on cable runs.
  • Scalability: Adding cameras to an IP system is often easier than CCTV.
  • Remote accessibility: Monitor footage from your smartphone or computer from anywhere.
  • Advanced features: IP cameras often support motion detection, analytics, and integration with other smart home devices.

Need help upgrading your security? iFeeltech specializes in designing cutting-edge IP camera systems. Contact us today to discuss transitioning from your old CCTV setup.

Your One-Stop-Shop for IT Solutions

At iFeeltech, we see the bigger picture. Security cameras often fit into a greater need for reliable technology infrastructure. That's why we offer a range of IT services, including:

  • Network Design & Setup: The backbone of a connected business.
  • Cybersecurity Solutions: Protection against digital threats.
  • Managed IT Support: Proactive care to keep your systems running smoothly.

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