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These days, many small businesses still tend to neglect the IT angles to their businesses because they think protecting and servicing their IT  infrastructures usually requires a very big budget in addition to the manpower needed to run them.

This is why these types of small organizations are usually easy preys – an attraction for hackers and other form of cyber attacks as shown in several surveys carried out in 2013.
There are several security measures and controls within the IT tools you already own that can easily be used to protect your business network if only you know how to use them effectively. Read more

As a result of the various advantages the systems offer many businesses, these days, cloud computing services are the latest norms adopted by most companies.

With the advent of cloud services and computing systems, many organizations have reportedly witnessed an overall increase in the quality of their services and the efficiency of their teams as a result of the increase in the number of communication channels and facilities.

Despite these advantages, cloud computing services have been known to possess unique attributes that could require some form of risk assessments in many areas like privacy, data integrity, data recovery and vital evaluation of some legal issues involving regulatory compliance, e-discovery and auditing. Read more

Google Drive is a great file storage and collaboration tool. With a Google account, you can have access to Google Drive and all of its fantastic features. Let’s explore the basics in this video.

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Business owners strive to get as much productivity as they can by utilizing their resources. In today’s world, it is of vital importance that we streamline our systems in order to stay above water. The good news is that there are a lot of resources available nowadays that will allow you to save a lot of time on IT services as well as computer support. We’re going to discuss the top 10 productivity apps that will boost your productivity.

google drive

Google Drive
Google drive offers 5GB of free storage that you can utilize to store as well as share important files. This makes it easy to manage multiple files between clients and also partners. You know as well as I do that Google is on the up and up of technology, therefore this cloud drive is one of the speediest around.

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You’ve probably heard quite a bit about cloud computing in recent years, and that’s because it’s become a very effective and important business strategy for a lot of small and large business owners alike. It offers a safe and effective way to properly store, access and backup your data. As a business owner you know how important it is to keep all of your files out of the risk of loss and cloud computing can help you to do just that. Let’s talk a bit more about what cloud services can do for you and your company.
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