4 Major IT Challenges of Small and Medium Sized Business Owners

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These days, technology has come to play a major fundamental role in the success or failure of most businesses. Gone are the ancient, obsolete ways and poor systems of operating and running a business. It’s hard to keep up with the changes, even as an IT Professional, but if you don’t embrace these new technologies, then you’ll have a hard time staying competitive on the market.

For instance, thanks to the Internet many businesses have been able to outsource their customer service operations to foreign virtual assistants who have been able to handle customer relationship issues seamlessly for these firms while they concentrate on other core areas of operations.

Thanks to mobile technologies, communication lines in business transactions have become faster and much easier. Today’s business deals have been initiated and concluded at a much faster pace.

Take a look at Cloud Computing, which could yield countless benefits as long as it’s implemented properly and it can greatly reduce IT complexity.

The cost of modern technologies.

Research has shown that despite the numerous advantages, technology and IT solutions tend to offer small and medium sized businesses over their competition, many business owners often drawback from using them whenever they think about the costs of acquiring these technological products for their businesses. Other challenges they often face include know how – the knowledge and ability to pick and use the right technical solutions for their business and security.

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In-House our Outsourced IT Support.

Many feel they have very meager resources to implement these IT solutions and other technological upgrades in their business, because they just believe they don’t have the required finances needed to pay an in-house IT support group or hire an expert IT consultant solely dedicated to serve their business. Deciding whether building a dedicated IT support team or hiring an IT expert as a consultant is not always easy, both options have their advantages, but most of the time Outsourced IT offers greater flexibility.

The problem with one size fits all IT Solutions.

Thus, finance has always been one of the major critical IT challenges most small business owners have faced.
For some other entrepreneurs, it’s the burden of selecting and employing the right IT solutions. There are an overwhelming number of tech solutions on the market today which leaves many business owners spoiled with choices and makes decision making that much more difficult.

Paying for unused services.

This also tends to be a serious problem for most business owners as many often find some of these solutions totally irrelevant to their business needs because they have been developed by programmers who have little or no idea about the major issues they often tend to face in the process of running the business that these products try to solve. As a result, some business owners’ even end up frustrated using IT systems they may don’t even need.

Best It Solutions

However, implementing the right IT systems and software solutions can give businesses a competitive edge in the marketplace. Overcoming these challenges is not always easy, but with the right IT partner it should be straightforward.

Implementing the right IT Solutions can give your business a competitive edge

We often advise small business owners to do a bit of research and discover the IT solutions they need to fulfill their business goals.  When you know exactly what you need, you end up saving a lot of money. And in today’s IT world, there are several free apps and online services that small business owners can start using right away, which still offers some huge benefits in many instances that even some paid apps cannot give. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, please give us a call: 305-741-4601 or contact us.

Before you go, check out what “Google Apps for Business” could do for you.

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