cloud security

As a small business owner, you know exactly how important it is to keep your company’s information well protected. In this day and age you have to be aware that there are many potential threats out there that can cause exponential amounts of harm to your network. Not only is there a possibility of hackers accessing your private information, there’s also the possibility of losing your important data as well. There is hope, however, with the use of knowledge and understanding how some of these attacks operate, you’ll be well-protected. Let’s discuss a few tactics that will ensure that your important information is never compromised.


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Microsoft Office 365
If you’re a small business owner chances are that you rely on the power and ease of use that Microsoft Office provides. There is a reason why it is the industry standard and has been in recent years. One thing that you may not have been aware of is how beneficial the features of Office 365 can be for you and your business. Office 365 will have all of the features that you know and love along with a hoard of new capabilities that will make your daily tasks a cinch. Let’s talk a bit more about some of the powerful things you can do with Microsoft Office 365.
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clean up your pc

According to the security firm Panda Labs, 32% of windows computers are infected with Malware. Here is how you can scan and clean your windows machine under 10 minutes for completely free.

1. Clean and Optimize your computer with CCleaner. Removing all the junk and temporary files before Your Malware Scan can save you a lot of time.



2. Preform a scan with your Favorite Antivirus Application, If you don’t have any Antivirus applications installed, Microsoft Security Essential is a great way to get basic Malware protection for free.

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OSX Guides App Icon

Here is a quick tutorial on creating an Application Icon from a Bookmark and move it to the Dock.

1. Open “Automator” Its located in the Application Folder.

2. We are going to create an Application (Select Application)


3. Open Safari and type your preferred URL in the Address Bar. We are going to use in this example.

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Hacking attempts are on the rise. As a result, more online accounts have been compromised resulting to damages and unwanted loss.

Currently Account security is centered on using client’s username and passwords as strong and as unique as possible. Memorize long passwords that differ from one website to another is quite exasperating to some.

Google is testing a new innovative way to enhance account security in a more intricately protective yet ironically easier process; Google calls this technology Yubico.
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