Business Computer IT Checklist Infographic

updated 3/21/2019 Looking for a sensible IT checklist? Something that is easy to follow and doesn’t have 245 steps on it, but covers all the essential steps that you can complete in less than 45 minutes. Here are the critical steps that you need to take to speed up and safeguard your computer while protecting […]

customer crm management analysis service business crm

A customer database helps to build relationships.When you develop stronger, healthier relationships with your customers, they are likely to purchase regularly, buy even at a higher price, try the new versions of your products when they get launched. But poor data quality interrupts many database efforts. When your customer information is duplicate, inaccurate, and incomplete, […]

Minimizing Data Breaches by Employees

Date breaches can affect a small business in unexpected ways, but there are measures you can take when it comes to reducing risks. In this article, we will look at why is it so important to educate your employees about how data breaches occur and what you, as a small business owner can do to […]

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Embrace The Cloud iFeeltech IT Services Miami

If you have a small business and not using cloud computing, you may soon find yourself falling behind competitors that are on the cloud. As stand-alone desktop applications losing popularity, companies are turning to cloud services, and for a number of good reasons. Cloud computing can help save your small business time and money while […]


Your company´s security system is only as secure as its weakest member, and according to a recent report released by PWC, this can seriously affect your bottom line. The report stated, “Financial impact may include decreased revenues, disruption of business systems, regulatory penalties, and erosion of customers.” It goes on to include an even longer […]

7 Ways to Improve your Network Security by iFeeltech IT Services Miami

The Ultimate Small Business Network Security Checklist for 2024 Hey there, fellow business owners! If you think only big corporations get hacked, think again. Small businesses are increasingly juicy targets for cybercriminals – in 2023, 43% of cyberattacks specifically targeted small businesses (source: Verizon Data Breach Report). I know it can be overwhelming figuring out […]

Verizon 5G Miami iFeeltech

Whether or not you have heard of 5G, the latest development in wireless technology, keep reading to learn more about this remarkable innovation and how you can possibly get it free for your Miami business or home! Before you get too excited, unfortunately, the trials are a quite limited, only about 500 customers will be […]

Are You Still Running Microsoft Office 2013

Effective March 1, 2017, Microsoft will no longer be updating or offering new features for their Office 2013 Suite. If you are still using Office 2013, continue reading to be informed of what that means for your business and what options you have to make sure that your company stays as up-to-date as possible. What’s […]

5 things to check before buying a new computer

Buying a computer, whether you need an average-sized laptop for home or you are looking for a business workstation, is not always an easy task. With the prices of most computer brands being more competitive than ever, and with the fast-evolving computer hardware and software, you must dedicate some time to doing research and comparing […]

In House Small Business Server Solutions Miami

A server or servers power the software that small businesses can rely on to run efficiently. Teams can utilize servers on collaboration projects, they can store business data, and even backup data on the cloud. This post explains the key features and highlights every entrepreneur should look out for when selecting the right server. The […]