How to Increase Your Team Productivity Using Cloud Based Services

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The overall effectiveness and productivity of your team can be greatly enhanced and improved if you can include cloud based systems as a detailed part of your work process.

There are so many benefits that can be derived when teams employ the use of cloud based technologies to execute their projects.

Working with cloud based systems is no rocket science and there are several ways you can easily make this happen. Most times, it’s often much easier than you think because it’s a less painful process when compared to the several hours you might likely spend as a team working on an outdated desktop application.

Here are five great ways you can easily increase the effectiveness and overall productivity of your team using the cloud.

1, Choose The Right Cloud Based System For Your Business.

Picking the right cloud service system for your business is a great way of boosting your team’s productivity. When picking a cloud service, here are a few salient factors you must consider.

Do you need a cloud service system that offers you a faster communication? Do you need a system with more storage space for your work? Can this cloud service support your work as a team? Can it fit into your budget?

Always go for cloud based service systems that solve the most pressing problems of your business and are flexible to operate.

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2, Build a New Workflow And Gradually Integrate the Change

If you really want to change your entire old system of project collaboration, and then gradually draw up a new system you can always compare with the old one.

Highlight the major differences and point them out to your major stakeholders who will instantly join you in the cloud. Show them how their participation in this new process will affect the team’s workflow.

Though, most cloud systems are often similar and might just require a few adjustments to your workflow systems, showing your staff the main differences in both systems will seriously help in integrating them.

3, Get Your Staff Involved In The Decision Making Process.

You need to always communicate the changes you make as a leader to other stakeholders in the team. You need to explain your key decisions to them and define their roles and your expectations for each member of your team.

It’s important that you carry them along if you want them to work with you as a team and expect better results.

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4, Prepare Your Team To Work At A Faster Pace.

When you work with cloud based systems, it helps in ensuring tasks are easily completed in record time and enables the implementation of better working systems.

For instance, if you can easily reduce the time your team often requires for your billing tasks from a few hours to minutes, what impact will that have on your business?

5 Introduce A Pricing System That Reflects The Cost.

A cloud based system that enhances your business offerings, boost operations, simplifies your work processes and time efficiency will not always come cheap, on the other had if its implemented properly it could save you money and time.

Always ensure that you introduce a pricing system that reflects these changes in your service and product offerings.

If you have any question about Cloud Solutions, like Google Apps or Office 365 please contact us for a free consultation.

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