Windows Blue is Microsoft’s Attempt to Fix Windows 8


Microsoft Windows is a leading name for IT Services of all shapes and sizes. Windows 8 is no exception. Microsoft released Windows 8, in the fall of 2011, and it was met with mixed reactions, many of them unflattering. Microsoft hopes to change that with an update for Windows 8 called Blue.

The Blue update is hoped to have overcome some of the challenges faced when using Windows 8, such as: the Metro User Interface, which uses tiles, as opposed to the menu based system of Windows 7.

The update is due to be revealed later this year, but the information known at this point is limited. A statement made by Tami Reller (Chief financial and marketing officer for the Microsoft Windows division) gave some clues as to the functionality of the Blue Update: “to deliver the latest new innovations across an increasingly broad array of form factors of all sizes, display, battery life and performance, while creating new opportunities for our ecosystem.” This statement suggests more variety in the types of devices that will be compatible with Windows 8-Blue.

The essence of the Blue update could be described as a large move away from the recent Windows 8, which has already received approximately 740 software updates. With a substantial drop in PC shipments (according to the IDC research firm) and the promising information coming out about the Blue update, I.T. Services, I.T. Solutions, and I.T. Support Business of all types would be wise to look at the soon to be released Windows 8-Blue

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