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Microsoft’s e-mail services ( Hotmail, LiveMail, MSN, ) now supports the IMAP protocol .  There are many benefits of using IMAP vs. the old POP method for accessing your mailbox. The biggest benefit to IMAP is the ability to quickly access your email from any device and interact with the same content across all devices and location.

Here’s a 5 minutes video tutorial on how to add your IMAP account to Outlook 2010 and other email programs including Apple Mail.

Here are the Server settings for your reference:

Incoming IMAP

  • Server:
  • Server port: 993
  • Encryption: SSL

Outgoing SMTP

  • Server:
  • Server port: 587
  • Encryption: TLS

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A lot of businesses rely on some sort of technology to make work easier. As a result, Information Technology plays a big role in ensuring smooth business operations and transactions. However, with new Information Technology comes the challenge of completely understanding the technology and the technical know-how required to operate it.

A lot of companies prefer having an expert advise them on the right type of technology needed to run their businesses effectively. These could range from communications technology such as phone systems, internet facilities etc. Thus, it is very important to get the right Miami IT service company to help with all the techie stuff.

How To Select The Right IT Service

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