Google’s attempt to solve the password problem.


Hacking attempts are on the rise. As a result, more online accounts have been compromised resulting to damages and unwanted loss.

Currently Account security is centered on using client’s username and passwords as strong and as unique as possible. Memorize long passwords that differ from one website to another is quite exasperating to some.

Google is testing a new innovative way to enhance account security in a more intricately protective yet ironically easier process; Google calls this technology Yubico.

Google is attempting to replace the password with Yubico. Which is a USB cryptographic card that function as the person’s password that automatically logs in the user.

Yubico will function just like a car key that opens your digital accounts securely. As long as you hold the key, you yourself alone can open your accounts.

It won’t be easy to completely get rid of passwords, but its great to know that alternatives are in the works.

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