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As a small business owner in Miami, staying up-to-date with the latest technology is essential for staying competitive and growing your business. One technology trend that is gaining popularity among small businesses is cloud computing. But what exactly is cloud computing, and how can it benefit your business? In this article, we’ll explain the basics of cloud services and discuss how they can help businesses in Miami.

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Small business owners understand the importance of being as productive as possible. And, to help you be productive, you will usually need to use the help of various IT programs that can help you easily communicate with customers, business partners, and employees, allow you to share necessary information quickly and easily, and schedule meetings and deadlines. With “Google Apps for Work”, you can do all this and more. Keep reading to find out everything that Google Apps can do to make your small business more productive.

Gmail for Work

Although you may already be familiar with Gmail, Gmail with Google Apps will do even more for you and your small business. The first thing Gmail will let you do is choose a completely custom email address, including the domain portion, so your new business email address could be: You also get 30 gigabytes of storage, Google Calendar integration, and additional security features. Read more