Miami Office Upgrade with Unifi IT Solutions: A Case Study

Miami Office Upgrade With Unifi

Last Updated on March 21, 2024

Outdated or inefficient network setups can seriously drag your business operations. If you're facing slowdowns, poor connections, or security worries about your IT infrastructure, it's time to explore solutions that put you back in control. Ubiquiti Unifi IT Solutions offers businesses a comprehensive and streamlined approach to networking designed to boost performance, security, and ease of management.

This case study examines how one Miami-based company leveraged Unifi solutions to transform its network. We'll cover their challenges, the specific Unifi products implemented, and the tangible improvements they achieved. If you're ready to modernize your network, especially in a city like Miami with its growing tech scene, this case study offers valuable insights.

Case Study: Miami Office Setup

Company Background

The company in this case study is a mid-sized call center based in Miami with 60 users. It relies heavily on clear and uninterrupted voice communications, reliable internet access, and the ability to handle high call volumes simultaneously.


The call center's existing network couldn't adequately support their demanding operations. Here are the specific challenges they faced:

  • Inconsistent Wi-Fi: Call center agents frequently experienced dropped calls, choppy audio, and poor wireless connectivity, especially during high call volume periods.
  • Outdated Equipment: The legacy routers and switches weren't designed to handle the demands of a modern call center environment.
  • Security Concerns: Their basic firewall setup left them vulnerable to cyber threats, which could lead to costly downtime or compromise sensitive customer data. Security is particularly important for call centers.
  • Limited Network Visibility: The lack of centralized network management made it difficult for IT personnel to identify and troubleshoot issues, quickly impacting call center efficiency.

The Unifi Solution

After a thorough assessment, it was clear that the call center needed a network transformation. To address their challenges and provide a secure, high-performance foundation, a comprehensive Unifi solution was designed. Here's a breakdown of the core Ubiquiti Unifi equipment chosen:

Unifi UDM Pro

  • Core Network Backbone: The Unifi Dream Machine Pro SE (UDM Pro SE) was installed as the heart of the network. This powerful all-in-one device combines an advanced security gateway, firewall, high-performance router, and network controller. Its enterprise-grade security features and 10G SFP+ WAN support made it perfect for securing the network and taking advantage of Miami's high-speed fiber internet options.

Unifi Pro Max Switch

  • Network Switching: A Unifi PoE Switch Pro 48 Max (USW-Pro-Max-48-PoE) was deployed to provide ample wired connections and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. This powerful switch offered the port density and performance needed by the call center while simplifying cabling and powering devices like access points and IP phones.

Unifi Wireless Wifi 7

  • Wireless Upgrade: Multiple Unifi U7 Pro Wi-Fi access points were strategically placed throughout the office. These enterprise-grade access points offer the latest Wi-Fi 6E technology, delivering ultra-fast speeds, exceptional reliability, and the capacity to handle a large number of devices concurrently – critical for call center operations.

Unifi G5 Pro Camera

  • Enhanced Security: Unifi Protect G5 Pro cameras were installed for 24/7 surveillance. With features like 4K resolution, night vision, and weatherproofing, these cameras added a strong layer of visual security to monitor both interior and exterior areas.

Unifi Door Access

  • Access Control: The Unifi Access Pro Kit was implemented to secure sensitive areas. This system features advanced card readers, centralized access control, and event logging for better physical security management.

Unifi NVR

  • Security Management: A Unifi Network Video Recorder (UNVR) was added to the solution to centrally manage and store video footage from the Unifi Protect cameras, creating a complete surveillance system.

Unifi Advantage: Power, Simplicity, and Integration

The beauty of the Unifi ecosystem lies in its integration and centralized management. These devices work seamlessly together and are controlled through the intuitive Unifi Controller software. This provides IT personnel with unmatched visibility, streamlined configuration, and the ability to manage the entire network from a single, powerful interface.


Implementing Unifi IT Solutions brought significant and measurable improvements to the call center. Here's a breakdown of the key benefits they experienced:

Quantifiable Network Improvements

  • Boosted Wi-Fi speeds and reliability: Unifi's powerful access points eliminated connectivity issues, ensuring crystal-clear call quality and minimizing dropped calls.
  • Increased network capacity: The new infrastructure could easily handle peak call volumes without slowdowns or bottlenecks.
  • Reduced downtime: Proactive network monitoring and Unifi's robust equipment minimized unexpected outages, improving productivity.


  • Enhanced protection: The UDM Pro SE's advanced firewall capabilities provided greater protection against potential cyber-attacks, safeguarding sensitive call center data.
  • Surveillance: Unifi Protect cameras offered continuous monitoring, acting as a deterrent and providing valuable records in case of incidents.
  • Controlled access: The Unifi Access system added an extra layer of physical security for restricted areas and office access.

Streamlined Management

  • Centralized dashboard: The Unifi Controller software simplifies network management, giving IT staff clear visibility and control over a single interface.
  • Reduced IT workload: Easy setup and remote management capabilities freed up valuable IT resources, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives rather than daily troubleshooting.

Additional Benefits

  • Scalability: The Unifi system could easily grow with the call center, allowing for the seamless addition of new access points, cameras, or other devices.
  • Modernization: The updated network infrastructure positioned the call center to adopt new technologies and services in the future.

Key Takeaways

This case study demonstrates the transformative power of Unifi IT Solutions for businesses seeking to revamp their network infrastructure. The Miami-based call center experienced significant improvements in performance, security, and efficiency after implementing Unifi. Here are the main takeaways:

  • Unifi delivers tangible results: By addressing specific network pain points with the right technology, businesses can achieve measurable gains in productivity, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
  • Security first: Unifi offers advanced security features essential for protecting sensitive data and safeguarding business operations, especially in today's cybersecurity landscape.
  • Streamlining IT management: The ease of use and centralized control provided by Unifi equipment and software translate into reduced IT overhead and better resource allocation.
  • Scalability for growth: Unifi's solutions provide a flexible foundation that can easily adapt to meet a company's expanding network needs.
  • Ideal for Miami and beyond: Businesses in technology-driven cities like Miami can benefit from Unifi's ability to integrate high-speed internet services and provide a future-proof infrastructure.

Ubiquiti Unifi IT Solutions is worth serious consideration if you're considering a network upgrade. Their comprehensive and streamlined approach to networking can help businesses of all sizes transform their operations for success.

Considering a Network Upgrade?

Unifi offers a compelling solution for businesses seeking to streamline network management and improve overall efficiency. Their extensive product range simplifies network design with tools like Unifi Designer, while the all-in-one approach minimizes compatibility issues. Unifi systems cater to both straightforward setups and complex security configurations. Plus, their commitment to free licensing offers significant cost savings compared to traditional vendors.

Uncertain if Unifi is the right fit for your needs?

We're happy to help! Contact us today for a free consultation on network design, cabling solutions, or Unifi installations. Our expertise can guide you toward the most effective network setup for your business.

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