miami by night

Miami is known for being the southernmost city in the continental United States and for being one of the most bilingual cities in the US. The Caribbean and Latin American influences can be seen throughout the city, from its architecture and its most famous attractions. There are so many reasons that people love Miami, for one it's easy to get around. Since we are located in the heart of Brickell Miami, some of these places are walking distance from us. So here are just a few of the examples of what we like to do.

Miami Tower

As striking as this uniquely-designed building is during the day, it’s during the night that you want to visit. That’s when the over 200 LED lights fill the tower with a stunning array of patterns and colors which include various customized light shows. This is at the top of our list because we truly love how beautiful modern technology can be.

Perez Art Museum Miami

Also known simply as PAMM, this is a great place to visit in downtown Miami if you love seeing contemporary art. Its enormous collection comes primarily from the 20th and 21st centuries, with the majority of its artists originating in the Americas. To get the most out of your time there, we recommend participating in one of their 45-minute guided tours.

Miami Children’s Museum

For people with kids, there are few things better than taking them to a children’s museum where they can have fun while learning in a hands-on environment. At this, one of the ten largest children’s museums in the United States, you can find exhibits such as health, pets, and music. Our favorite, though, is the sketch aquarium, where children can create artwork that animates and becomes a part of the exhibit.

Little Havana

For Cuban expats, this is the best place to be, and the rich cultural experience it provides is why it made it onto our list of why we love Miami. For so many people, it’s a little slice of home in a big country. For many others, it’s a chance to glimpse what life is like in Cuba. This is where we love to visit when we want some authentic Cuban food and an amazing experience.

Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

To escape the bustle of the city, we love to head out to the Virginia Key, which is a small island just southeast of downtown Miami. The beaches along the shores are white, and you can’t beat the ocean views. It’s there you can also find the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, a wildlife sanctuary, which is the perfect place to get in touch with nature by taking a long stroll through the park.

Everglades National Park

Last but certainly not least on our reasons why we love Miami is the Everglades National Park. By far the most important stop for anyone who’s visiting Miami, Florida, the Everglades are indescribable, and a vital part of Florida’s ecosystem. The Everglades National Park gives you a closer view of flora and fauna there, and if you want an immersive experience, you can even spend the night there.

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